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Finding your feet in Denmark

Starting from scratch
As the saying goes, “Settling into a new country is like getting a new pair of shoes. At first they pinch a little, but you like the way they look, so you carry on.” No amount of preparation before you leave your home country can ready you for what’s to come upon your arrival to Denmark. No matter where you land in the country you go through the same feelings of excitement for your new adopted country, and sense of longing and loss for your homeland.

The first few weeks or even months often feel like a romantic kind of holiday as you find your feet. Then reality hits! You are faced with the logistics of CPR cards, Nem ID, bank accounts and if you haven’t found a permanent place yet, finding a home. If you have children the attention shifts to finding the right school, after school activities and eventually a job for yourself.

Support tools
As an expat living in Denmark for the last ten years, I’ve been through these experiences and watched Denmark change and develop over the years too. I’ve also had the great pleasure of working with various publications in which the expat, is the primary focus – constantly finding ways to help expats understand life in Denmark.

The International gives my team and I the opportunity, along with other knowlegable expats, to give back the advice and support I only wished I had when I first moved to Denmark. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got a lot better from when I first moved here, but with this publication we hope to give you a more personalised, and real support tool to help in your adjustment.

Expats helping expats
The International will focus on the topics that are important to you. As we progress from issue to issue, we will explore issues that matter to expats, and bring you personal accounts and journeys of others who have come to call Denmark home. After holding focus groups we decided to include food, general relocation and education as starting points, as these were the three most important topics to our expat participants. We are priveldged to have two expats and one local Dane (who is married to an expat), who will be regular features in our monthly issue.

Let us know how we’re doing – we welcome feedback from you and look forward to giving you support in your journey ahead in Denmark.

Welcome to The International network.

Lyndsay Jensen – Managing Editor & Partner